Welcome to Canada! (unless you’re from the U.S.)

February 4, 2010

The Olympics are coming!

Ryan and I recently decided to order a subscription to the Vancouver Sun daily newspaper. We’ve enjoyed getting it on our doorstep every morning this past week–especially since we’re relatively slow with technology (my new iPod nano, which Ryan tentatively got me for Christmas/birthday, is probably the only one ever produced to gather dust on a dresser [though I’m excited to say I’ve downloaded over 100 songs, now, and used it while working out at the Y today!]) and prefer the feel of paper in our hands to the glare of a screen in our faces. Ryan wakes up early, makes a cup of coffee, and sits and reads the morning paper. I think it makes him feel like a man. When Gloria and I get up, we gather around him in the dining room and glance at headlines over his shoulder. With the Olympics almost here, I’ve been impressed with all the positive press I’ve seen, lately: features about Canada’s celebrated athletes, all the free public events being held around the city, how to get around on public transportation for the next month. It’s been a rather pleasant media week, thanks to the Vancouver Sun.

But today, ha! I guess the press can only handle so much positivity. Especially when it’s coming from them. So, today, we did receive more of the dedicated Olympic coverage we had been getting used to, but this time it found a way to be down on…you guessed it…The United States of America! Three out of the six sections of the paper today featured negative news about the States. I’ll display them from least to greatest, for your enjoyment:

Oops. Shouldn’t have said that? Those silly American officials, saying things.


At least this guy doesn’t mind.

My personal favorite.

Is “bug-ugly” a euphemism for “butt-ugly?” I always thought it was the latter that made the saying. But maybe I should let go of junior-high language standards.

Oh, Canada.


One Response to “Welcome to Canada! (unless you’re from the U.S.)”

  1. Catherine said

    KATIE! My first time looking at blogs since we left Canada…and you have this amazing post!!!!!! I’m so happy and proud of you…esp. for using your iPod 🙂 Miss you so!

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