Sleepy (?) Day

November 17, 2008

Babies’ naps are life-giving. To the baby, of course, and also to everyone else in the house. Yesterday, Gloria took an amazing afternoon nap. Ryan and I watched football together downstairs, then I even mosied on up to bed and took a little nap myself.

But today, today the poor girl had all kinds of trouble with her afternoon nap. I put her down at 1:00, and about forty minutes later, I heard agitated sounds from the crib:


I went in, picked her up, tried to calm her down, and left the room. Ryan was also home, as he was going to take care of Gloria after her nap so that I could try to do some writing today. He told me to get to the couch (my workspace) and get working. But for the next forty minutes or so, all I heard from the living room was her agitation and Ryan’s efforts to make her comfortable.

After a while, I realized I hadn’t heard anything from either of them for a while. I was so curious about it that I got up to go find them. I peeked in Gloria’s room, and her crib was empty. I opened the door to the study, and there on the couch was Ryan, his eyes closed, and Gloria fast asleep on his chest. Happiness.