She loves that old Uncle Mark, too.



Uncle Adam

February 11, 2009

Our daughter likes everyone.  But, she likes some people better than others.  Uncle Adam is one of those people


Sheesh O Petes!

February 10, 2009

Here is another blog update. We seem to get them up every three to six months. Out of gratitude for your interest, we’ll try to do a little better. This little number was taken just before Christmas. Once we get our Christmas photos situated, we’ll get some of those up, too! The best (and most recent) is yet to come.dscf1538

Sleepy (?) Day

November 17, 2008

Babies’ naps are life-giving. To the baby, of course, and also to everyone else in the house. Yesterday, Gloria took an amazing afternoon nap. Ryan and I watched football together downstairs, then I even mosied on up to bed and took a little nap myself.

But today, today the poor girl had all kinds of trouble with her afternoon nap. I put her down at 1:00, and about forty minutes later, I heard agitated sounds from the crib:


I went in, picked her up, tried to calm her down, and left the room. Ryan was also home, as he was going to take care of Gloria after her nap so that I could try to do some writing today. He told me to get to the couch (my workspace) and get working. But for the next forty minutes or so, all I heard from the living room was her agitation and Ryan’s efforts to make her comfortable.

After a while, I realized I hadn’t heard anything from either of them for a while. I was so curious about it that I got up to go find them. I peeked in Gloria’s room, and her crib was empty. I opened the door to the study, and there on the couch was Ryan, his eyes closed, and Gloria fast asleep on his chest. Happiness.

Our Blog

October 22, 2008

My wife and I share two separate visions for our blog.  As you can see below, she wishes to tell you all sorts of details about our wonderful life in Vancouver.  I, on the other hand, take a more pragmatic approach.

Here are some pictures of our beautiful daughter (since that’s what most of you came here to see anyway!)

And… my favorite picture of our family, on a little hike through Pacific Spirit Regional Park.

April 1, 2008

October 22, 2008

Gloria and her dear special friend Vaughn hung out today. Vaughn was born the very same day in the very same hospital as Gloria, twelve hours after she! Vanessa, who was already my friend, and I are very moved by and proud of this fun fact. It binds us all together. Vaughn gave Gloria two kisses. One on the cheek, and one on the head. Then we took this picture.

Vaughn only weighs 3.5 oz. more than Gloria. They carry their weight differently.

And then Vanessa and I fixed ourselves a little spread. Leftovers from the elders-deacons meeting we held at our house last night where we fed over 15 hungry mouths. There were actually only 13 elders and deacons (of which I am not one). But I ate in the kitchen with the Renteria’s: Israel and his mom and dad, se llaman Patricia and Fernando. I said to Israel, “I feel like we’re eating in the servants’ quarters.” And he said, “Yeah, cool!” We had fun back there, the four of us, eating and talking.

Oh, the spread!

What a full life.

Cry Daisies

October 22, 2008

Last Friday night, I was home alone slowly preparing for my friend Catherine’s baby shower the next day. I was savoring the steps, attending to details with the luxury of my time. Gloria and I, for example, took a little drive to Champlain Mall where we bought a bouquet of flowers, some mustard pretzel nuggets, and some milk at Extra Foods. Then we wandered across the entryway to pick up a dozen chocolate and a dozen strawberry cream cheese cupcakes. After we had placed them safely on the floor of the car, we snuck back in so I could treat myself to some Chinese take-out. Oh, the tofu!

After I had eaten my rice noodles to the hum of our refrigerator, however, I began to miss my husband, exponentially. He was away at Vancouver’s Church and Affordable Housing Conference all day! And he would be gone all the next day, too! I got up from our little kitchen table and quietly began sweeping the living room floor, the whispering broom my only companion (except for Jesus, who was, of course, there). Then the doorbell rang. I thought, My, it’s eight-thirty. Who could be at the door? And I really can’t tell, because our front porch light is burnt out, and I can’t see through the peep hole. Driven by my lonliness, I opened the door. And who was there? A little Asian lady holding flowers. I thought, Oh, somebody sent the Renteria’s flowers. But then I saw my name on the card. My name?! Indeed! I thanked the woman profusely, I was so happy in my surprise. They were flowers from Catherine’s mom, thanking me for hosting the shower at our place, and to grace our house the next day. I about cried.


October 22, 2008

Gloria and I went to get her six month shots on Monday. May I say that my daughter took them standing up. Literally. She stood, legs planted on my lap as the nurse shot her once in the right thigh and oncet in the left. Gloria didn’t cry or peep or any such thing. She just flicked and chewed the (sterile) Strep B testing swab the nurse gave her to keep her distracted. She only cried in protest when I laid her down to put her sweater on when it was time to leave. She doesn’t always like to be laid on her back. But shots…hey.

Before the shots, however, I had to strip her down in order to weigh her (18.65 lbs., thank you!) and changed a poopy diaper. I asked the nurse if I could throw it away in the trash can in the room, and she said, “No. It will smell. I will get you a bag.” And so, Gloria’s poopy diaper came home to us, safely ensconced, a menace to no one.

Gloria discovered the pleasure of a soft blanket on her skin.

She really did have fun bouncing.

(See below)

Our Conjoined Twins

September 14, 2008

A few days ago, I was outside watering our little red Gerbera daisies, and I noticed something spectacular. Twins! Conjoined twins!