Did You Know

March 4, 2009

that we played dodgeball this past year? It was intense. Super-intense. And very serious.

See how serious we all are.


And to dispel all myths, dodgeball is not fun, it is not easy, and it does not hurt when you get hit.

It is only very serious.


3 Responses to “Did You Know”

  1. Dad said

    Katie, I know you, and you’re not serious, you’re mad. Your mad because your Tee has the number 9.5 on it, and you don’t like being odd, and you don’t like anything half done. Katie, it’s one of the fractions of life you have to live with.

    Really Katie.


  2. Dad said

    Katie, I know, I used “your” when I should have used “you’re.” It won’t happen again. Maybe you are pouting, but seriously pouting.


  3. Mark Lemke (Katie's Brother) said

    I do love the face. Thats something we have in common. Making faces!
    Love, dienen Brüder

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