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October 22, 2008

My wife and I share two separate visions for our blog.  As you can see below, she wishes to tell you all sorts of details about our wonderful life in Vancouver.  I, on the other hand, take a more pragmatic approach.

Here are some pictures of our beautiful daughter (since that’s what most of you came here to see anyway!)

And… my favorite picture of our family, on a little hike through Pacific Spirit Regional Park.


4 Responses to “Our Blog”

  1. Grace said

    How is it that Gloria is 6 months old already? She’s supposed to be the same teeny thing that she was when we left. These babies grow too fast. Remember one night at our house we were looking at a pink sleeper that looked huge and like it would fit a 2 year old? It’s almost too small now… We miss you guys.

  2. jessreimer said

    You guys are wonderful. And for the record, both of your blog styles suit me just fine. I’ll take it all!

  3. Grandpa said

    Unfair! Strolling through Pacific Spirit Park with our granddaughter,without her grandma and grandpa, and then publishing a photo too! And you call this “pragmatic”. I feel like sweeping the floor, listening to the broom whisper, “Pacific Spirit”, and almost cry.

  4. ansley said

    What I wouldn’t give to happen upon this precious family on a jog in the forest! Miss y’all!!

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