Cry Daisies

October 22, 2008

Last Friday night, I was home alone slowly preparing for my friend Catherine’s baby shower the next day. I was savoring the steps, attending to details with the luxury of my time. Gloria and I, for example, took a little drive to Champlain Mall where we bought a bouquet of flowers, some mustard pretzel nuggets, and some milk at Extra Foods. Then we wandered across the entryway to pick up a dozen chocolate and a dozen strawberry cream cheese cupcakes. After we had placed them safely on the floor of the car, we snuck back in so I could treat myself to some Chinese take-out. Oh, the tofu!

After I had eaten my rice noodles to the hum of our refrigerator, however, I began to miss my husband, exponentially. He was away at Vancouver’s Church and Affordable Housing Conference all day! And he would be gone all the next day, too! I got up from our little kitchen table and quietly began sweeping the living room floor, the whispering broom my only companion (except for Jesus, who was, of course, there). Then the doorbell rang. I thought, My, it’s eight-thirty. Who could be at the door? And I really can’t tell, because our front porch light is burnt out, and I can’t see through the peep hole. Driven by my lonliness, I opened the door. And who was there? A little Asian lady holding flowers. I thought, Oh, somebody sent the Renteria’s flowers. But then I saw my name on the card. My name?! Indeed! I thanked the woman profusely, I was so happy in my surprise. They were flowers from Catherine’s mom, thanking me for hosting the shower at our place, and to grace our house the next day. I about cried.


One Response to “Cry Daisies”

  1. Katie said

    precious, and what a great idea.

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