October 22, 2008

Gloria and I went to get her six month shots on Monday. May I say that my daughter took them standing up. Literally. She stood, legs planted on my lap as the nurse shot her once in the right thigh and oncet in the left. Gloria didn’t cry or peep or any such thing. She just flicked and chewed the (sterile) Strep B testing swab the nurse gave her to keep her distracted. She only cried in protest when I laid her down to put her sweater on when it was time to leave. She doesn’t always like to be laid on her back. But shots…hey.

Before the shots, however, I had to strip her down in order to weigh her (18.65 lbs., thank you!) and changed a poopy diaper. I asked the nurse if I could throw it away in the trash can in the room, and she said, “No. It will smell. I will get you a bag.” And so, Gloria’s poopy diaper came home to us, safely ensconced, a menace to no one.


2 Responses to “BioMass”

  1. Grandpa said

    Katie and Ryan:

    Wow, Canadians are careful.

  2. Katie said

    That’s hilarious! And way to go with your shots Gloria!

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