Our Daughter Dresses Like a Six-Month-Old

July 12, 2008

But she’s only 3 1/2 months. As her parents, is it our responsibility to step in and make her dress her age? Please advise.


3 Responses to “Our Daughter Dresses Like a Six-Month-Old”

  1. Michele H. said

    Hi Ryan and Katie! I found your website via Jess Reimer’s site. I am in the same dilemma – 3 1/2 month old wearing 6 month clothes. Oh, what are we to do but kiss those cute cheeks and rolling thighs? 🙂

  2. Tracy said

    Personally, I think she’s showing a little too much leg!!

  3. Shannon said

    I’m glad I stumbled across the Cochran blog because I haven’t seen any pictures of Gloria since we left. It looks like she’s doing great and hopefully the two of you are as well. 🙂

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